Simple, fast and integrated in ASA HOTEL - the perfect solution for the "fattura elettronica"


Electronic invoicing to the public administration has been mandatory since 2014. Finally, as of 01.01.2019, it becomes a general obligation for everyone, i.e. also between companies (B2B) and between companies and end customers (B2C). Therefore, every hotel needs a suitable IT solution. At ASA HOTEL, we developed a special software module that supports 100% of the relevant processes and data transfers to both the "Business Suiteportal and the HGV portal . For you, this means you can continue to work in your familiar ASA environment and get all the information you need about your incoming and outgoing invoices. In ASA HOTEL, the invoice is simply created and sent to the portal by pressing a button. The status message of the invoice is promptly returned to the hotel program. You also do not have to worry about legally compliant archiving - this is done automatically in the background. This new ASA connection was completed with the ASA HOTEL Version 18.

The portal and the hotel software are interlinked - so you do not have to switch between applications, but can do everything to do with your electronic invoices conveniently through ASA HOTEL. Everything works automatically at the push of a button: Not only do you save a great deal of time, you also minimise sources of error. All legal requirements are complied with, ranging from digital signatures to correct, legally compliant archiving. 

Your benefits

  • High user-friendliness: simple and intuitive
  • Avoiding errors
  • One application - no change
  • Everything automated: from electronic invoicing to digital, legally compliant archiving
  • Management of all documents in one portal
  • Fulfilment of legal standards
  • Cost-effective
  • Keep track of all invoices

Do you have any questions about this topic or generally about the electronic invoice? Please contact your ASA consultant directly.