Fast and Green - The check-in/check-out package

Bill preview and Declaration of consent via tablet

The modern reception desk wastes no time at check-in or check-out. It prefers to take care of their well-being. Nevertheless, there are more and more bureaucratic requirements that have to be met. A prime example of this is the GDPR, which requires the obtaining of the guests' consent. To make this process faster and to avoid mistakes, we have developed the "Declaration of consent via tablet". With this tool, the consent of the guest and his/her electronic signature can be obtained in record time. The guest can control, modify and supplement his data (address data, email and telephone number) via the tablet. The "Declaration of consent via tablet" is 100% integrated in ASA HOTEL; i.e. the guest's consent and his electronic signature including biometric data as well as a graphic image on watermarks are played back in real time in ASA HOTEL and displayed in the guest file.

If, on the other hand, it is about a quick and smooth check-out, the "bill preview via tablet" is a helpful assistant. As the name already suggests, the guest can use the tool to get an overview of his/her invoice details. The guest can control not only his consumed extras, his booked offer and his spa treatments on the reception tablet, but also his/her invoice data (address, and, if necessary tax number and destination code).

Finally, the printouts of the declaration of consent, the combo list and the account statement are a thing of the past. Fast and Green - an innovative package against paper waste and for fast reception processing.

Your benefits

Bill preview via tablet
-> digitises the account statement and combo list
-> speeds up the check-out process
-> innovative tool against paper waste
Declaration of consent via tablet
-> electronic signature
-> 100% integrated in ASA HOTEL
-> automated archiving