Customer Alliance

Empowering the guest experience

Customer Alliance helps companies, independent hotels and international chains worldwide to generate more reviews, increase their reputation score and automate the communication with their customers. Automated messages and questionnaires ensure a meaningful communication along the entire customer journey and provide valuable feedback to optimize internal processes. Advanced review analysis tools help to truly understand the feedback, whilst keeping an eye on the performance of competitors. Thanks to the interface between ASA Hotel Software and Customer Alliance, guest data will be automatically submitted to the system. Such speedy and automated data integration reduces the manual workload and streamlines guest communication, review collection and distribution to the industry’s leading online review portals. As a result, your hotel staff can focus on what matters most: interacting with guests and personalising their experience. The automated data submission allows you to send customizable and personalized emails to guests automatically triggered by reservation data such as check-in and check-out dates. For example, pre-stay messages provide guests with helpful information about the hotel, events or upgrade options, and allow you to capture relevant data such as preferences and requests. Post-stay emails are ideal to gather valuable feedback revealing opportunities for service improvement.