Interfaces for personalised guest service

ASA: the key to guest satisfaction

Cash register systems

Many hotels offer services also to clients who are not resident guests, which requires special cash register systems. ASA HOTEL supports interfaces for a variety of systems and enables services to be billed either to individual guests or to a specific room account. The automatic data synchronisation prevents data loss. On top of that, the cash register system also displays comments from the Guest Register (e.g. “Gluten-intolerant”), facilitating communication between the restaurant and reception.

Channel Manager

ASA HOTEL can be connected to various channel managers. Availability and, depending on each channel’s functional scope, other details including rates and T&Cs are automatically synchronised.

Hotel Website

There are two options for connecting the system to your own website. The simpler way is to use a tool from a third-party provider that is capable of carrying out a comprehensive data exchange with our PMS (e.g. the booking widget provided by the South Tyrolean hotelier association, which can also be licensed directly by the manufacturer). As an alternative, you could programme your own Alpine Bits server, which can exchange data directly with the PMS.

Guest Information Systems

An increasing number of hotels are working with in-house guest information systems, using mobile devices or displays to improve service and enhance guest experience. Our hotel management software grants such systems access to both static (Guest Register) and dynamic data (purchased extras, spa appointments etc.).