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ASA Hotel Software

Hotel prices and packages

Time is money - we at ASA know that and therefore offer you the possibility for fast and sophisticated price and offer management in your company. Honeymoon special, beauty weekend for two, family week with ski pass - ASA HOTEL maps all offers. ASA HOTEL supports you with a potent price list management that leaves nothing to be desired. And - that gives you time.

ASA Hotel Modules

Conclusive price management and attractive offer design

Assistants and selection lists are available for the receptionist to keep track of many offers. For inquiries or reservations, only those offers are displayed that are suitable for the respective guest and correspond to the booking conditions. The available offers can be displayed optionally in detail with or without individual prices or also summarized with a single price.

Those who wish can also access the integrated revenue management function, which helps to automatically increase the price as utilization increases. In order to meet the requirements for revenue management, which have increased in recent years, even better, ASA HOTEL offers various options.

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To get an even better picture of the hotel software, you can easily and uncomplicated get to know our demo version of ASA HOTEL . Arrange an appointment with us now and we will guide you through the software in a call.