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ASA Hotel Software

Ordering system for bar and restaurant

In establishments that primarily serve house guests, the ASA POS Order Manager offers a smooth solution that allows your service staff to effortlessly record extras via smartphone, tablet or PC. These are stored directly in the hotel software and assigned to the appropriate guest or room. Those who use a POS system can connect it via interface to ASA HOTEL .

ASA Hotel Modules

The POS Order Manager

The clear user interface provides instant information on guest names, length of stay, table number, room number, food options and guest instructions for the dining room.

By selecting a guest, the remarks (e.g. lactose intolerant) stored with the guest and any table reservation are displayed. At the touch of a button, the guest receives the confirmation receipt of his extras (daily if desired).

The subdivision of extras into groups and items enables intuitive and fast operation. Individual guest requests can be fulfilled with the help of notes on ordered extras (e.g. Coke with lemon). The direct option to print cash register receipts completes the ordering process.

The extra overview function offers a special refinement in the workflow. Imagine a guest wants to order the same wine as two days ago - the waiter can effortlessly track the booked extras of the current stay.

Streamline your order management and increase the efficiency of your operation with ASA POS Order Manager. Discover how POS Order Manager facilitates the seamless capture and management of extras and increases efficiency in the bar and restaurant.

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