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For Multi Property operations

Distributed hotel locations merge with ASA HOTEL to form a common strategic unit. Depending on the strategic orientation and management of the operations, there are various options for multi-property management in ASA HOTEL :

ASA Hotel Modules

Separate operations and common guest database

In this variant, the hotels are managed as independent establishments. In ASA HOTEL , however, it is possible to switch from one establishment to the other with the respective user rights. Interfaces, e.g. to online portals, are set up separately and are managed separately by establishment. However, all establishments use a central guest database. A common guest database offers the hotel group various advantages:

  • Improved guest experience: By sharing guest data, the hotel group can develop a better understanding of its guests' needs and preferences.
  • Effective marketing: With a shared guest database, targeted marketing campaigns can be carried out to address specific groups of guests.
  • Greater efficiency: A shared guest database simplifies the work of your employees. Check-ins, for example, can be processed more quickly because the guest data is already available.
  • Cost savings: Costs are saved by bundling marketing and sales campaigns, e.g., mailing.

ASA Hotel Modules

Several establishments common room plan

If the sites are strongly interlinked, it is possible to work with a common room plan across all sites in ASA HOTEL . This means that all rooms of all sites are visible in one room plan. All rooms of all sites can be viewed in one room plan. Evaluations, key figures and reports can be generated for individual sites or for all sites together. This variant offers an even closer integration of the individual sites. Interfaces can be used both jointly and separately. The use of a common room plan offers many advantages:‍

  • Improved capacity utilization: By sharing a room plan, capacities can be better utilized and booking gaps can be filled across operations.
  • Overall view: A common room plan provides a quick overall view across the establishments, both for the front office and for hotel management. Reservations for all establishments can be processed centrally and analyses or key figures can be created or evaluated both on the basis of an individual establishment and across all establishments.

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