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ASA Hotel Software

Spa and Event Management

Thanks to a user-friendly interface, we offer you the tools to organize spa treatments effortlessly and plan impressive events. Currently still in the "old" ASA look, but soon available on the web. Welcome to the area of management for spa departments and events.

ASA Hotel Modules

Spa and Wellness Manager

With the Spa and Wellness Manager, administrative tasks in the spa area can be organized clearly and efficiently. In order to ensure maximum benefit for both hotel operations and guests, the Spa and Wellness Manager was designed to simplify communication between departments. For example, appointments for treatments or entire packages can be fixed or provisionally assigned as early as at the reception desk. The spa staff can then plan the treatment in detail and book it in. The data is made available in real time, for example for the creation of the invoice.

The functions and advantages

  • Spa bookings in real time at all workstations.
  • Book spa treatments directly on the room bill.
  • Invoices also for day guests.
  • Overview of free personnel and free rooms.
  • Product sales directly linked to inventory.
  • Book applications easily.
  • Manage spa packages (collection of applications).
  • Observe rest periods between treatments.
  • Automatically created beauty index card.

Just as the room plan has the reservation assistant as a supplement, the spa planner is supplemented by a booking spa assistant. This enables stress-free and, if necessary, provisional booking of packages and individual treatments. For example, a provisional booking can be made at the reception desk, specifying a time, the details of which (staff member, room, etc.) are only entered in the spa department.

ASA HOTEL offers maximum efficiency, convenience and reliability through fully integrated spa management, making it the first choice for hotels with wellness, beauty and spa departments.

ASA Hotel Modules

The Meeting Manager

The Meeting Manager is the ultimate tool for the clear and efficient organization of events. Similar to the tried-and-tested room plan for room reservations, the event plan was developed to seamlessly manage the tasks associated with events.

Event planning made easy: With the Meeting Manager you can centrally store all important information for your events. Simply enter details such as seating plans, the schedule, the expected number of participants and required resources such as microphones and beamers.

Linking events and room reservations: A helpful feature of our Meeting Manager allows you to link events directly with room reservations. This not only makes joint billing much easier, but also provides your guests with a seamless service combining room and event.

With the Meeting Manager you save time and effort in the planning and execution of events.

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