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ASA Hotel Software

Payment processing

With the payment systems fully integrated in ASA HOTEL , credit card data is stored securely, pre-authorizations and electronic payments can be made directly in ASA HOTEL and amounts are transferred directly to the POS terminal. All transactions are stored in the hotel software and can therefore be tracked at any time, including electronic signatures. It is therefore no longer necessary to physically keep a signed payment receipt, as it is stored directly in the Document Management System in ASA HOTEL with the guest's electronic signature.

In addition, online payments can be automatically scanned into ASA HOTEL . This automatically creates a deposit account with the payment details and assigns it to the reservation.

ASA Hotel Modules

ASA Payment

ASA Payment means above all:

Time saving‍

  • No more manual operations: deposits are automatically transferred to the reservation.
  • Perform daily closings of terminals directly in ASA HOTEL with one click.
  • Also handle virtual card payment with a few clicks.


  • Automated tokenization of credit card data.


  • All payment transactions via the POS device or via the payment widget are stored in ASA HOTEL .
  • Each electronic payment is assigned to a billing account. This makes it clear which payments belong to which account.

Error minimization

  • No manual typing at the POS device and no filing of physical receipts.

Better guest experience

  • Signing the payment receipt via tablet and almost check-out

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