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ASA Hotel Software

ASA HOTEL is more
than just a software

We are a motley bunch of creative minds - experienced developers, young tech talents, as well as product owners, data geniuses and hotel management all-rounders. Our cups are always filled with coffee and we with creative ideas and drive.

What makes ASA


With innovative software solutions, we want to automate processes in accommodation businesses, make daily work easier and become the control center in the business by networking all relevant systems.


Lead the way in shaping the future of tourism.


We treat each other as equals, with respect and reliability. We value different perspectives and opinions, which help us to understand an issue from all angles. We also attach great importance to friendly and long-term relationships with our partners and customers. We look to the future with optimism.


We focus on goal- and practice-oriented teamwork, with the determination to deliver excellent quality and to continuously improve ourselves and our software solutions.

The team behind
the hotel software

The Asa Team

Milestones in the

ASA was founded in 1989 and has focused on hotel software development from the beginning. In 2000 we switched from DOS to Java and in 2024 we proudly present ASA HOTEL with a new interface that is cloud and web enabled. But we are far from finished. The generational change has already taken place and we are aiming for long-term, organic and healthy growth. We deliver what we promise.