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Back office and facility

The back office in a hotel refers to the administrative and organizational area that is not directly in contact with the guests. This is where important tasks such as accounting, price definition, daily and guest notifications are handled and strategic decisions are made.

The facility or facility in the hotel includes all the spaces and amenities available to guests to make their stay pleasant and comfortable. The management and maintenance of this infrastructure is crucial to ensure guest satisfaction.

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Strategic analysis & dynamic dashboards

Information from different areas is collected in hotel software. This information must be prepared for daily work using intelligent data models and optimized processes. The art is to draw the most meaningful conclusions possible from this data, enabling management to make clearly informed decisions.

When you enter ASA HOTEL , you are immediately directed to your dashboard, where you can find all data at a glance. Whether you work at the front desk or in management, our dashboards provide you with a comprehensive overview of all relevant information. This helps to make your everyday work even more structured and efficient.

Furthermore, all data is additionally prepared in tabular form so that the data can be flexibly processed further (e.g. in Excel)

In addition, hundreds of reports (Manger Report, Benchmark Reports) pull data from various tables, calculate metrics, and graphically prepare the data.

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Each guest settles his room, but the father-in-law suddenly wants to pay for the champagne from the day before, but it was already booked to his son-in-law's room, and in return his wife wants to give her mother the massage... Whatever: With ASA HOTEL you can implement these requirements with ease. Even the typical accounting forms for travel groups (common lodging invoice, extras separately per room) and families (a single common invoice for all rooms) are supported fully automatically. Since each service can be assigned to any account at any time, invoice splits and mergers are also no problem. Of course, taking into account the applicable fiscal laws of the respective countries: KassenSichV and TSE in Germany, RKSV in Austria, e-bill and cash register receipts in Italy.

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Monthly & daily reports

Depending on the country or region, there are very different framework conditions, such as passenger reports, statistics reports or local taxes, which must be transmitted on paper or digitally. ASA HOTEL supports you in the correct data transmission and thus guarantees stress-free work.

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The cash book

With the cash book, cash movements can be managed effortlessly. Thanks to suggested cash book accounts, all transactions can be recorded quickly. When cash is paid from settlement accounts, cashbook entries, as daily receipts, are automatically created. Special evaluations and reports guarantee an overview of receipts, disbursements and balance status.

Functions at a glance

  • Listing of all cash movements
  • Automatic creation of cash book entries
  • Automatic document number assignment
  • Templates for quick entry of all business transactions
  • Proposed cash book accounts
  • Simple reversal of documents
  • Keeping multiple cash books
  • Printout of cashbook receipts
  • Evaluations and reports
  • DATEV export
  • Automatic creation of cash register receipts [for Germany].

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The voucher manager

Especially in the hotel industry, vouchers represent an interesting way of adding value. ASA HOTEL offers a comprehensive management option for vouchers and allows them to be integrated into operational workflows. This means that from issuing to redeeming the voucher, all steps can be mapped in the system (sale, partial redemption, redemption, cancellation). In addition, you can handle non-cash and value vouchers separately.

Functions at a glance

  • Easy creation of new vouchers
  • Automatic tax handling (single-purpose vs. multi-purpose vouchers).
  • Quick settlement at check-out
  • Management of group vouchers (for hotel groups)
  • Clearly arranged lists for all incoming and outgoing vouchers
  • Automatic reading of vouchers purchased on the website (through connection to external voucher systems)

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Security & User Rights

ASA HOTEL offers a management of user rights that differentiates down to the smallest detail (who is allowed to see, edit, delete, print, etc.). However, the options provided as part of the security management also have a practical side effect, they make it possible - as a small contribution to user-friendliness - to hide all those functions that the respective workstation does not need. In this way, all members of the team can work with a maximally smart user interface and, if it is then necessary (e.g. as a vacation replacement), receive additional rights that are directly transferred.

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The Housekeeping Manager

The Housekeeping Manager contains all important information for efficient housekeeping and is very easy to use. The previously printed lists are no longer necessary and the communication between housekeeping and reception works in real time. As a result, the reception team knows which rooms are ready for check-in and can prioritize the cleaning of certain rooms. The work steps are reliably processed and housekeeping is efficient and structured.

  • Overview of all work steps per room, floor and house
  • No printed lists
  • Presence information (guest/employee in room?)
  • Room status in real time (clean, dirty)
  • Task description (how should which task be performed?)
  • Key figures (total arrivals & departures, etc.)
  • Prioritization of rooms
  • Minibar management
  • Messages to the reception
  • Guest data & requests
  • Configurable task rhythm (e.g. welcome card on arrival, change of bathrobe every second day, final cleaning with disinfection on departure)

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The Tasks Tool

The tool can be used to create new tasks on the move and edit tasks that have already been created. Either directly in the room plan or via the own tasks web app.

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