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The reception

For most hotels, the reception desk is the central point of contact in the hotel. Accordingly, it is important that processes are automated and that the reception works with an intuitive and simple tool that offers the highest flexibility in data management. Here we present a (small) selection of different tools, modules and functions from the room plan to ASA as a comprehensive CRM to the daily routine check lists.

ASA Hotel Modules

The room plan

The room plan is the core of the hotel management. It provides convenient access to all guest-relevant data and processes such as new online bookings, open tasks, check-ins and check-outs, etc. The clear structure of the room plan enables the hotel team to work quickly and confidently, even in stressful situations. With simple mouse clicks, even complex transactions such as splits, room changes, moving, shortening, extending stays, etc. are carried out automatically.

ASA Hotel Modules

Check-in manager

Everyone who works at the reception knows this procedure at check-in. With the Check-in Manager you have entered all data in a few seconds.

How does it work? Open the scan function with one click, scan the document and you're done! No typing, no checking, no 5 seconds! Simple, fast, reliable. And if you don't do the check-in mobile, but at the PC at the reception, we have developed the ASA ScanBox.

Should the guest check himself in, then the ASA Self-Check-in is the appropriate solution.

ASA Hotel Modules

The reservation wizard

The reservation assistant detects reservation gaps and fills them with new reservations in a targeted manner. The reservation assistant is a useful addition to the room plan. Its most important tasks are:

  • Pre-selection of the searched rooms according to flexible criteria
  • Creation of a room ranking system to avoid reservation gaps
  • Offer information in different languages (facilitates information by telephone)
  • Display of all eligible offers (practical for a large selection of offers)
  • Optional creation of alternative offers
  • Easy reservation of stays for tour groups

ASA Hotel Modules

The category plan

For all those who do not work with the room plan but on a category basis: The category plan lists the total number of available rooms per category and day. These are color-coded according to occupancy. The lower section of the category plan contains various important key figures per day, which are essential for daily management.

ASA Hotel Modules

The central CRM

The guest file is the basis for the optimal and individual care of the guest and target group oriented marketing. When converting to ASA HOTEL , guest data can be transferred extensively from the old system.

On the one hand, the data is generated automatically by the PMS (stay details, regular guest hierarchy); on the other hand, there is the option of storing department-specific and individual information (e.g., guest preferences). With the help of individual additional fields, the guest data can be further structured and expanded.

For tour operators, corporate customers or even public administrations , separate processes are usually provided. These are comprehensively supported by, for example:

  • Contingent management
  • Separate settlements
  • Electronic invoicing

The regulations regarding data protection(DSGVO) have been implemented extensively. Through individually configurable deletion automatisms, duplicate cleaners, the signature managers and data protection information of the guest as well as VVT sample templates and technical recommendations, the hotelier is provided with a multifaceted package for compliance with the DSGVO.

ASA Hotel Modules

ASA Webmail

With the integrated ASA Webmail, guest inquiries can be processed quickly and efficiently via e-mail. Modern templates ensure a professional appearance.

Discover the wide range of features that make ASA Webmail an indispensable tool for email communication:

  • Drag and drop editor for beautiful and responsive emails: Design emails that convey your message effectively and display perfectly on any device.
  • Artificial intelligence texts and designs: Use artificial intelligence to generate stunning images and texts.
  • Quick Start Design Templates: Our collection of design templates will get you started quickly with your email creation. Easily customize these templates to match your hotel design.
  • Targeted and personalized communication: Define sophisticated rules for the appropriate email template. This allows you to ensure targeted and personalized communication with your recipients and tailor your messages optimally.

ASA Hotel Modules

The Resource Manager

ASA HOTEL offers an intelligent solution for efficient resource management. Whether it's e-bikes for guests, tennis courts for passers-by or microphones for events - these so-called resources are usually only available in limited quantities and need to be managed carefully. With our software, you can easily organize resource rentals and also manage paid rentals. For example, resources such as e-bikes can be rented out at a certain price per hour or according to other criteria. This way you generate additional revenue and keep track of resources still available in your hotel.

Resources can also be seamlessly linked to room reservations or events. You don't have to worry about billing. All resources are recorded and automatically integrated into the final billing.

ASA HOTEL gives you the control, visibility and automation you need for successful resource management.
Coming soon also with new web interface.

ASA Hotel Modules

Issuance of guest cards

In destination marketing, advantage cards for guest loyalty are becoming increasingly important. ASA HOTEL provides various systems with the corresponding guest data via interfaces or directly for printing. This function is also used in part for issuing ski passes and booking tickets (e.g. Dolomiti Superski, LTS Ticket Shop, etc.).

ASA Hotel Modules

Daily reports & checklists

With the numerous lists you always have all present guests in view, you are reminded of birthdays of your guests, the room status shows whether the housekeeping has already been there and with the corresponding notes on the arrivals you also do not forget to have the desired bouquet of flowers brought to the room.

ASA Hotel Modules

The Signature Manager

Signature Managers can be used to obtain the guest's electronic signature for the data protection consent or the electronic registration form. The guest can check, change and add to his or her data (address data, e-mail and telephone number) via the tablet. The guest's consents and electronic signature are stored and linked to the guest.

If, on the other hand, a quick and smooth checkout is required, the "Invoice preview via tablet" is a helpful assistant. As the name suggests, the tool allows guests to get an overview of their billing details. The guest can check his consumed extras, his booked offer and his spa applications on the reception tablet and also discreetly tip.

ASA Hotel Modules

ASA ScanBox

We are revolutionizing guest check-in. No more typing, just scan. With the new ASA ScanBox, you minimize the time required for check-in. This allows your staff to concentrate fully on your guests. The ASA ScanBox avoids typing errors, ensuring that all data is entered correctly in the guest file.

You can find more information about the ASA ScanBox here.

ASA Hotel Modules

The daily check

A few things need to be done before the late shift finishes. Have all departures been checked out? Has an arrival not yet been registered? Does the number of room guests not match that of the reservation? This and more is automatically checked during the daily check and can be processed directly from there. If you wish, you can then close the day. Everything can be done, nothing has to be.

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