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Everything you need to know about and around ASA HOTEL. All news, software updates, success stories of our customers and the most frequently asked questions at a glance. So that you are always well informed!

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How time-consuming is it to switch from my old hotel software to ASA?

Before changing the hotel software, our ASA experts work with your team to analyze the workflows in the business and which systems (e.g. cash register system, key systems, etc.) are already in use and should be connected. As a rule, existing data can simply be transferred so that, for example, no customer data is lost during the changeover. Our ASA experts prepare the software in advance so that the deployment in live operation runs optimally. How Hotel NIDUM in Seefeld experienced the system change can be read here. For all existing ASA customers who are interested in the new web-enabled interface of ASA: The upgrade can be activated by the ASA partner with just a few clicks and without interrupting operations. More information about the ASA upgrade can be found here: UPGRADE

What is the process like from initial contact to going live?

Depending on the requirements of the operation, the process from initial contact to live connection can be very fast or more detailed based on accurate operational analysis. In the second case, the process can be outlined as follows:

1. get in touch

  • Request from the company
  • First exchange of information by mail or phone with our ASA experts
  • Appointment for an online demo presentation or also presentation on site

2. project start

  • Analysis of the existing tech stack and processes in the hotel, from which a target concept is developed.
  • Comprehensive hotel IT consulting

3. installation

  • Preparation: data export from the "old program" and preparation of the data for import, preparation of the database with creation of categories, rooms, price lists, VAT codes, etc. (this data can of course be changed or extended by the user at any time).
  • Connection to existing hotel IT systems
  • Depending on the size of the hotel, ASA experts also provide on-site support for the live connection of the Systems .

4. know-how

  • Even before going live, individual online training or on-site training is provided. During the trainings, the establishments have the option to either have all employees participate or to focus on the training of previously defined key users.For all autodidacts, there is the "help" in the ASA hotel software or instructional videos from our ASA experts.
  • Regular online or on-site ASA courses and on various topics are offered: COURSES

5. help & support

  • Support is a top priority for ASA. The ASA experts are made up of hotel all-rounders and IT specialists and are available to ASA users 365 days a year. Our users and our ASA experts maintain long-standing relationships and usually know each other personally.

6. update contract for the latest ASA hotel software version

  • All ASA customers receive regular updates with new features, tools and functionality. The updates are also important to keep up with the legal framework. To ensure that all users are also aware of the latest features, update consultations and training are provided, as well as an update newsletter with explanations and graphics.
What interfaces does ASA HOTEL offer ?

ASA HOTEL is the control center of the operation. The PMS enables flexible and secure data exchange with hundreds of software solutions, hardware and other external systems. In addition, ASA HOTEL offers flexibly configurable data exchange and various standard interfaces. This means that countless other systems can be connected to the hotel program. A list of partner systems can be found here: INTERFACES

Where is ASA HOTEL available?

ASA HOTEL is used by accommodation providers in Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland. Depending on the country, you can contact our ASA experts or contact us directly and we will forward your request directly to the appropriate partner.

What is hotel software?

"Hotel software is an industry-specific program that maps the business processes of an accommodation business and whose individual program functions provide comprehensive support for a hotel's employees. Hotel software should include front-office, mid-office, and back-office functions, as well as functions that support hotel operations and hotel management in making strategic decisions." Jerzy Jaworski in "Industry Software for the Hotel Industry in the D-A-CH Region" from 2015.

ASA HOTEL thus clearly falls into the category of hotel software and provides support not only in the front, mid and back office, but also in many other areas. With numerous innovative features, flexible modules and an extensive marketplace, ASA HOTEL simplifies hotel workflows.

I am a small business, do I need hotel software?

Accommodation businesses of all sizes - from small apartments to multi-property hotels - rely on ASA HOTEL. Because the software is modular, it can be put together in the way that the business needs it, meaning that for small businesses the software is very simple and straightforward. With ASA SMALL we have also put together an entry-level package with a big impact. ASA SMALL is ideally suited to the needs of smaller businesses and, thanks to the flexible module system, grows easily with the business. TO THE SOFTWARE

Is ASA HOTEL Multi Property capable?

Distributed hotel locations merge with ASA HOTEL to form a common strategic unit. Depending on the orientation and management of the operations, there are various options for multi-property management in ASA HOTEL :

1. all hotels are managed as independent businesses, but access a central guest database.

2. in the case of strongly networked operations, the hotel software can also be configured in such a way that all rooms of all operations are managed in a common room plan. Evaluations, key figures and reports can be generated on the basis of the individual establishment or also as a total for all establishments.

The multi-property management of ASA HOTEL is used by hoteliers who manage several houses/operations as well as by companies that take care of the central management of vacation homes of various owners.

As a hotel manager, I am interested in key figures and evaluations. What does ASA HOTEL offer in this regard?

Pickup, Pickdown, OTB, OR, ARR, RevPar, TRevPor, TRevPAR, revenue and overnight stay data according to various criteria, etc. - Metrics and analytics illustrate hotel operations and help to successfully manage operations and achieve business goals. This is crystal clear to us at ASA. As the data hub, the hotel software is the data hub from which analyses and key figures are generated. With reports, such as the Performance or Manager Report, automatically sent as a daily mail to the hotel manager, and new dashboards that dynamically compile depending on the area and user, we offer countless possibilities to all number crunchers. Machine Learning algorithms and scripts take hoteliers to a new level of data analysis and enable a new way of forecasting the future.Already today, ASA hotel software offers a lot in this area, but much more in the future. With a focus on Machine Learning and Business Intelligence, future ASA updates will offer many new features, analyses, forecasts and recommended actions.

What is the new web upgrade?

For all those who already work with ASA HOTEL . We have good news for you: With the ASA HOTEL web upgrade, all the usual functions are still available to you, but in a new and modern interface. The clou behind the Web-Upgrade? With the Web-Upgrade you continue to use ASA HOTEL as usual with all your data and functions. You do NOT have to change the software, but with the web upgrade you get a new and modern program interface, with which you can also operate your hotel software on your tablet or smartphone. In addition, you can access your ASA HOTEL from anywhere and with any device via a link with any internet browser. You can continue to use your ASA HOTEL with a new design as before, installed locally at your hotel, or you can also go to the cloud and use ASA HOTEL as Software as a Service (SaaS). In addition, you will receive many new functions and key figures about your operation: simply and clearly presented in your personal ASA dashboard.

You can find more information HERE.

Can I count on ASA for the long term?

The hotel software market is very volatile, as the comparison of hotel software studies by Heilbronn University shows. ASA has been around since 1989, from the very beginning we have focused on the development of hotel software, from DOS to Java and now in 2023 ASA HOTEL with a new interface, cloud and web-enabled. And we are far from finished. We are a mixed team of experienced and young motivated developers, product managers, data scientists and hotel management all-rounders. The generation change has been completed and we are focusing on long-term, organic and healthy growth. We deliver what we promise.

Where can I get help and answers to my questions?

Our ASA experts have been serving hundreds of lodging businesses for decades and know hotel industry operations inside and out. Every ASA customer is assigned their own ASA expert. ASA experts and their help desks provide advice, assist with software setup and maintenance, conduct training, and are available 365 days a year to answer your questions. Call or email your ASA sales representative. You can find the contact details HERE.

How do I choose the right ASA expert for me and my business?

Our sales partners are selected companies with whom we have been working very closely for years or decades and are in regular contact. Here you can filter the partners by country and contact them directly. Some of our partners are based in South Tyrol and advise and support accommodation businesses in the entire D-A-CH-I region. Simply select an ASA partner and ask for personal advice or write to us directly and an ASA sales partner will contact you immediately. To the ASA experts.

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