Management modules

Personalised guest care in a simple click

POS manager

YES! If you are using a POS system, you can connect it to ASA HOTEL by means of a dedicated interface. Smaller businesses that only serve house guests can set up a PC with a touch screen interface in the dining room, at the bar or in the spa, so that service personnel can easily record any extras. Extra services are entered directly into the PMS and billed to the respective guest or room account.

  • The clear user interface immediately displays all information about guest names, length of stay, room number, board arrangement and guest preferences.
  • When a guest is selected, any comments that may have been entered (e.g. “Lactose-intolerant”) are displayed, along with the guest’s table reservation, if any.
  • The guest then receives a confirmation receipt of the extras purchased at the push of a button (daily receipts may also be available on demand).
  • The Extra Overview feature is designed to fine-tune your workflow and bring your services to next-level quality. Here is an example: Let’s say your guests wish to order the same wine as two days ago; this feature allows the waiter to easily keep track of all the extras purchased by those guests during their stay.
  • Detailed subdivision of extras into groups and articles
  • A touch-function makes selection easier.

Room Management

“Days” is the standard unit for room occupancy in the Room Plan. However, when the necessity arises to rent individual rooms by the hour – as in the case of seminars, celebrations or press conferences – the user-friendly Room Management feature enables different labels like “Meeting” or “Weekly programme event” to be entered. 

Reporting Manager

This is where the daily guest registration reports are digitally transmitted to the competent authorities (where applicable). Single details such as arrivals or departures may be required depending on the regulations in force in your Country.