Guestmanagement by ASA HOTEL

Smart marketing strategies to boost guest satisfaction


If you want to offer your guests an experience so pampering that they come back for more, what you need is a comprehensive, carefully-maintained guest database. Our Guest Register feature provides an excellent basis for:

  • Personalised service
  • Targeted marketing strategies
  • Optimisation of management processes

While data such as stay details and position in the regular-guest hierarchy is generated by the system, it is also possible to store department-specific information on individual guests (e.g. personal preferences). Guest data can be further expanded and structured by means of additional fields.

For example, the relationship management feature enables guest connections to be created (e.g. in the case of family members).

Guest management is also the basis for targeted marketing actions: data is filtered based on selected criteria and processed by means of in-house or external systems.

Business clients

Tour operators, corporate customers and public administrations often have specific requirements in terms of procedures. Our management software comes with a range of features designed to help you meet such requirements, including:

  • Quota management
  • Separate billing for accommodation (tour operator) and extra services (individual guests)
  • Special accounting options, within the limits provided for by the competent tax authorities (e.g. tax receipts accompanying items or services not yet paid)
  • Electronic invoicing or split payment option