Electronic Echo

smart communication

Do you long for an employee who simultaneously compiles offers, answers questions and carries out check-in?

Then you should hire Eecho! The correspondence manager does not aim to replace your staff. On the contrary: it takes repetitive work off your staff's hands and thus creates more time for individual guest care.

Whether enquiry, booking, deposit, check-in, reservations during the stay or post-vacation mail: The virtual assistant accompanies your guests throughout their entire holiday.

  • The artificial intelligence-driven software checks guest requests and automatically sends specific offers.
  • Email and website templates can be created according to individual wishes. Just one click and your guest lands on a website created especially for them with all relevant information as well as an intuitive yet sophisticated graphic design.
  • Questions about the hotel or the destination can be answered immediately via chatbot without one of your employees having to react.
  • All data is stored in encrypted form on your server, so that time-consuming entry of guest details at check-in is no longer necessary. In addition, you collect important preferences of your guests and can adapt your offer accordingly.

Eecho, in combination with the ASA hotel software, helps you to reduce your expenses, increase the motivation of your staff and ensure an all-round successful guest experience.

Learn more about the most advanced correspondence manager on the market at www.eecho.ai.