Brandnamic's Korrespondenzmanager is an innovative e-marketing tool, which – when used in conjunction with ASA HOTEL – provides you with significant support in your daily mail traffic. Not only does it make it easier for you to answer enquiries and prepare offers, it also handles all communication with your guests professionally, efficiently, and on an emotional level.

The professionally created offers have a very positive effect on your bookings – on the one hand thanks to the elegant appearance in your corporate design and the personal character, on the other hand thanks to the booking button, which is displayed in a sales-oriented way.

Thanks to its modular principle, Korrespondenzmanager allows you to design your e-mails according to your exact needs.

Advantages and requirements of ASA HOTEL:

To set up the Korrespondenzmanager you need the ASA HOTEL "Internet Portals" module. Through this interface you can switch directly between the ASA HOTEL reservation mask and the dispatch page of the Korrespondenzmanager. This is where you start the communication with your guests.

By combining the two systems, your guests can, for example, carry out their pre-check-in and check-out from anywhere – without having to queue up at your reception. Their data is transferred to ASA HOTEL in real time.

The Korrespondenzmanagers' selfmailer sends automated e-mails – e.g. pre-arrival mails – to your guests, based on their statuses stored in the ASA HOTEL. For this you need the ASA HOTEL "General Data Exchange" module.

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