Give meaning to the Opinion!

Qualitelis has developed over the last 10 years a complete ecosystem for managing customer reviews in order to become a key player in the hotel sector.

Qualitelis is a comprehensive Saas solution to provide a customer review management service, including an innovative CRM. Qualitelis implements a Guest management tool in addition to a complete ORM (online reputation management tool) that allows you to communicate with customers before, during and after a stay through questionnaires. In addition, Qualitelis just released its brand new CRM including database management and campaign functions to schedule your outbound marketing operations. 

Qualitelis offers its users both a "Guest Manager" connected to your PMS, to manage the customer cycle (before and after), and also a complete "Online Reputation Management" module to control your e-reputation, compare yourself with the market and react to each customer opinion. Qualitelis proposes to communicate the right messages at the right time to the right people in an automatic way while giving customers the impression of an ultra personalised communication. Our solution generates a high ROI, both in terms of additional sales generated thanks to the pre-stay but also in terms of opinions collected and then distributed on key sites such as TripAdvisor or Google.


  • ASA-connected tool allowing the scripting of questionnaires and emails sent.
  • Complete E-Reputation Management Platform
  • Platinium Partner TripAdvisor
  • Feedback of information collected from the questionnaires, in the customer cardexes.
  • Dissemination of notices on the establishment's site via API to increase the natural referencing of your website
  • Full CRM »