rateCHECKER – The smart price calculator for hotels

The rateCHECKER of Consisto is the ideal price calculation tool designed for the website of your accommodation facility.


The rateCHECKER provides guests with the opportunity to calculate the price of their holiday quickly and easily. Differentiated prices, different holiday formulas, rates for children and much more: the rateCHECKER provides the answer quickly and reliably.

The tool is activated quickly, is compatible with all current hotel and booking engine programmes and can be easily integrated into your website in the form of a widget.



  • Time savings at reception (fewer phone calls, fewer e-mails, and no more manual price updates on the website)
  • Flexible price management to react quickly to market fluctuations
  • Facilitation of valid requests and direct bookings

The trend of flexible price management has been in the air for some time now and is also confirmed by several operators of revenue management systems. ASA also proposes the opportunity in its flexible price management.

The rateCHECKER is suitable for ALL accommodations and allows you to suggest offers as well. In addition, the FILL ROOMS option, as the name suggests, allows you to fill unsold rooms!


Ask for more information and details on the rateCHECKER now without obligation and take advantage of the opportunities provided by the market leader info@consisto.it