CRM software for hotels on Cloud

Give value to experience of your Guests!

TopStay® is the CRM software designed specifically for hotels, the tool that puts guests and their experiences at the center in your hotel.

Through collaboration with ASA specialists:

  • ASA HOTEL constantly updates TopStay® on the Guests data and their reservations to do activities of profiling, marketing, up-selling, concierge, etc.
  • Thanks to TopStay Page guest interface, ASA receives web check-in data and Guests updates.

TopStay® modules:

  • GUESTS: Guest Profiling - Arrivals/Presences/Departures lists
  • CONCIERGE: Guest’s Requests & Complaints Management - Services Management
  • TOPSTAY PAGE (GUEST INTERFACE): Web check-in - Booking of Hotel Services – Self profiling – Guest’s Requests and Complaints
  • MARKETING: Target Lists - Email Campaigns - MailChimp Connector
  • SALES: Business Partner - Lead - Business Opportunities – Activities
  • MAINTENANCE: Hotel places - Maintenance management and monitoring
  • REPORTS: Data analysis