The Invoice Manager by ASA HOTEL

Practical and reliable

Simple as it may seem, check-out can involve a series of challenges. Let’s say, for instance, that each guest wants to pay for their own room, but the father-in-law decides to pay for the previous evening’s Champagne which, however, was already billed to his son-in-law’s room. Or that a daughter decides to treat her mother to a massage at the spa. With ASA HOTEL, all these situations can be handled easily and stress-free. We have developed our software with daily hotel operations in mind... and it shows.

You can book and modify room reservations and extra services at any time, adding items to the guest’s account or printing out the relevant invoice. Frequent invoice formats for travel groups (joint accommodation bill with extras invoiced separately for each room) and families (one single invoice for all rooms) are automatically supported. Since each service (telephone calls, extras etc.) can be associated to any guest account at any time, invoice splits and mergers are no longer a problem.

Tax details can be retrieved from external systems via accounting export and processed as necessary (Accounting Service).