ASA HOTEL – Software solutions for the hospitality industry

ASA HOTEL – The basic version

In order to ensure smooth-running operations, all hotel processes must be precisely coordinated. ASA HOTEL does just that: even in its basic version it gives you complete control over every process in the value chain – from guest correspondence to booking and from administrative tasks to internal coordination. Its modular structure makes ASA HOTEL exceptionally flexible, and with the optional management and interface modules it can adapt to any specific requirement your hotel may have.

Optional management modules

We have developed a series of management modules that can be fully integrated with the basic version to manage workflow even more efficiently and further improve coordination between departments.

Optional interface modules

With ASA HOTEL, everything is under control: our software provides flexible, secure real-time data exchange with third-party software or hardware and other external systems. The optional interface modules link your system to any other system in use at your premises!