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The Franks success story

A real ASA HOTEL success story.

Almost three years ago, the 5-star hotel 'Franks' in Oberstdorf switched its PMS to solutions from the hotel software specialist ASA HOTEL . A major undertaking, but one that went off without a hitch. 

"Our software at the time was due for a cost-intensive update, and there were also things that we wanted to solve differently in our day-to-day work. So we looked around, spoke to colleagues in the industry and came across ASA," recalls Robert Frank Junior.

What makes ASA HOTEL so special for the Franks

ASA HOTEL offers many advantages for 'Franks'. But above all, the software has facilitated collaboration between the hotel teams and thus also simplified invoicing, which is convincing across the board. The improvement of the check-in and check-out process and the associated administrative procedures makes them more efficient than before. In addition, these are now paperless and therefore more sustainable. 

Guest communication is now also faster, more modern and more aesthetic.

"When things need to be done quickly, I don't want to be put on hold on the phone or wait for an email reply. At my ASA partner, Giacomuzzi, my technical advisor is always available, even via WhatsApp," says Robert Frank, alluding to the excellent support and service provided by the ASA experts. 

In particular, the interfaces to the booking functions, which are standardized on the one hand, but have also been developed individually for the 'Franks', make everyday hotel life easier. The software has been adapted to the specific requirements and can therefore fulfill all the wishes of the 'Franks'. 

In summary, ASA HOTEL enables the hotel to make better use of synergies and make work processes more efficient.

About the Franks

From guesthouse to 5-star park hotel in the Allgäu:

Started in 1964 as a small guesthouse with just 30 beds, the 'Franks' has developed into a feel-good place since taking over the larger leasehold business. This was made possible by several investments and expansions as well as the good management of the Frank family.

As a result, the hotel has developed into a place to "feel at home" with an excellent location and outstanding service. Here, guests can celebrate moments of indulgence, enjoy activities and experiences in the Allgäu Alps and relax in the spacious 'Franks' wellness and spa.

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Franks and ASA HOTEL - a complete success

 Implementation of the software

Of course, changing the system and implementing new software in a company as large as 'Franks' is a challenge. However, the collaboration between 'Franks' and ASA HOTEL was a complete success. 

"The first few days were challenging and labor-intensive, but overall everything went quite smoothly, and that without interrupting operations," recalls Robert Frank. 

The data transfer took one day and the training by professional ASA experts was completed within three days. How much time you take always depends on the individual company - but ASA HOTEL always offers the best possible support. 

"We could have switched over within two weeks, but we deliberately opted for four weeks. The changeover was therefore a smooth transition, during which everything that ASA HOTEL offers was able to be fully integrated quickly," says Robert Frank, who is very satisfied with the changeover at 'Franks' to ASA HOTEL.