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ID card scan

Typing ➙ Checking ID ➙ Typing ➙ Checking ➙.... Everyone who works at the front desk knows this procedure at check-in. With the new function of the Check-in Manager Pro you have entered all data in a few seconds How does it work? Open the scan function with one click, scan the document and you're done! No typing, no checking, no 5 seconds! Simple, fast, reliable. You don't believe? Test the Check-In Manager now for free!

"We welcome guests with a tablet and check them in right away. We complete the data, enter remarks, have the data protection consent signed and accompany the guests to their room." Jonas Mairhofer, Director of Alpine Spa Resorts


No typing, just scan!

Even people without reception experience can easily record guest data with the Check-in Manager and process a quick check-in.
With the new ID scan function, ID cards, driver's licenses, passports can be scanned with one click. The annoying data typing at check-in is history!


Done in 5 seconds

It takes less than five seconds to read the guest data from the ID card into the system. Hoteliers, receptionists and guests thus save valuable time


Accuracy through machine learning algorithms

We do not read the MRZ like conventional scanners, but use machine learning algorithms to capture all the passport's information with maximum accuracy. For example, we can also capture the Italian paper ID card without errors.


Maximum flexibility with tablet

With the tablet, you can scan IDs, obtain signatures and perform check-ins anywhere, anytime.

ASA ScanBox

Perfect scan result

Badges can be scanned using a tablet or smartphone as well as directly on the computer using the ASA ScanBox developed specifically for this purpose.  

The new ScanBox significantly simplifies the work at the reception desk. It also helps to save time and avoid errors when entering guest data.

The ASA ScanBox was developed by the ASA team and the first prototype was built. Now the ScanBox is produced jointly by ASA and a South Tyrolean 3D printer company. The ScanBox works perfectly even in different lighting conditions: due to the integrated camera, the glass pane, the two light covers and the built-in and adjustable LED lighting, it produces an optimal image. The ScanBox is exclusively available at all ASA partners, professional advice is of course included as usual.

What do the users say?

"We chose all ASA tablet tools to put an end to paperwork in the reception. Not only for environmental reasons, but also for organizational reasons, this solution is perfect for us. The front desk and housekeeping can manage tasks across departments. This solution is also easy to use for the guest: at check-in, the privacy statement is signed and at check-out, the cost breakdown is presented clearly and simply." Parkhotel Laurin

"The clever tool has significantly simplified my everyday life as a receptionist. I can now do without cumbersome arrival and departure lists at the reception. In addition, I can read all the important key figures on the dashboard at any time and thus quickly get a good overview. You've taken a big, indispensable step for every hotel with Check-in Manager." Lorena, Receptionist at Alpenpalace Luxury Hideaway & Spa Retreat

"The arrival list on the tablet is always up to date and I know who has already been checked in and who is still missing. I have an overview of reservation and guest information, who is a regular guest and whether the room is already ready for check-in. I can also ask for privacy signatures anywhere. ASA's new Check-in Manager is very, very convenient." Wendy, Receptionist at Adler Spa Resort

"As part of the reopening, I have now introduced the Check-in Manager in all the houses. I can honestly tell you that the employees are thrilled! Everyone praises the overview of arrivals, departures, room status, missing data, etc. We welcome guests with the tablet and check them in right away. We complete the data, enter comments, have the data protection consent signed and accompany the guests to their room. The Check-in Manager is also very handy in the smaller hotels, especially if the PC is located away from the reception desk. It's a great new tool you guys have developed here and I'm currently really motivated to show it to everyone. I also hope the many other ASA customers become aware of the usefulness of this tool very soon, because it's great!" Jonas, Director of Alpine Spa Resorts