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E-charging stations

With the new ASA interface, you can easily connect your e-charging stations to ASA HOTEL. During their stay, your guests can charge their e-car in the hotel simply by using their room card, a QR code or the guest app. The charging station recognizes the respective guest and automatically posts the charged kilowatt hours to ASA HOTEL . The charging processes are billed in a bundled and uncomplicated manner at check-out. This saves you and your guests time, money and nerves, and at the same time you score points with your guests with even better service and clear added value. More and more guests are traveling with e-cars, and the demand for in-house charging points is rising accordingly. With the e-charging station solution from ASA you will meet the expectations of your guests and minimize costs and effort at the same time.

Now guests can charge their e-car even faster and pay for the charges bundled at check-out.

Your ASA experts will be happy to advise you on these new features

Control of intelligent heating systems

With ASA HOTEL , heating systems can also be controlled efficiently and energy saved: If a room is not occupied, the room control system connected to ASA HOTEL automatically turns down the heating. If the room is booked again, the heating switches back on in time and heats up the room. The current temperature of all rooms is displayed in the room plan of ASA. The same principle works, of course, with air conditioning systems and even the minibar in the room. "We decided on the interface to heating systems, air conditioners and minibar in order to offer the guest even more comfort and at the same time minimize our internal effort," explains Jonas Mairhofer, Managing Director of Alpine Spa Resorts.

Topics for a sustainable future

Electromobility and energy savings are topics that hotels need to address with a view to a sustainable future. More and more guests will arrive with electric cars and the demand for in-house charging points will increase. With the right solutions, you can meet the new expectations of guests while minimizing costs and effort.