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LTS Daily message

As of November 1, 2023, South Tyrolean lodging establishments are required to submit the ASTAT report on a daily basis. This daily report replaces the previous "monthly report", which was transmitted to the LTS. The guest report to the "Portale Allogiati" must still be carried out separately on a daily basis.

To ensure that you can implement this change smoothly, we are providing you with a software update that will be applied automatically. With the update to ASA version 23.08, the Internet portal account for the new daily reporting is created completely automatically. However, it is important that you now decide how you want to handle the change to daily reporting organizationally. Here are your options:

Complete 1st monthly reporting for October on November 1 and then switch to daily reporting:

You can complete the monthly reporting on November 1 for October as usual before switching to the daily reporting. This will allow you to properly close October and ensure that your reporting is complete. After completing the monthly reporting, you can switch to the daily reporting. From that moment on, you will then need to complete this reporting on a daily basis.

2. immediate changeover to the daily message:

If you wish, you can also switch to daily reporting immediately. This means that from the time of the changeover, all check-ins and check-outs will be reported daily. Please note that in this case you will have to retroactively report the already past days of the month of October with the daily report. This will ensure that no data is lost.

If you have any questions about the transition or need assistance, your ASA sales representative will be happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for more information and assistance.


The only "setup step" that is required for the first daily report is that the previous account must be replaced with the new account "LTS Daily Report" at the respective TV company under Hotel/Preferences/TV Companies under the tab "Settings" at the overnight report account.

In this area, the two fields " Rooms (available) " & "Beds (available)" have been newly introduced. These values are calculated automatically based on the entered categories and rooms, but can be changed manually if required(does not have to!) and stored here.

How is a daily report carried out? 

Daily reporting can be done on a daily basis under Hotel/Periodic Activities/TV Daily Reporting.

How is a daily report carried out?

Transmit daily message

Daily reporting can be done on a daily basis under Hotel/Periodic Activities/TV Daily Reporting.

The field "Daily report date" determines the date for which the report is to be carried out. If necessary, the "Occupied rooms" field can be changed manually (only for reports of a single day).

Click on the"Transmit daily message" button on the right to initiate this. If there are any daily reports that have not yet been sent from the previous day, a message is displayed to this effect. If the transmission is successful, the corresponding date is entered in the "Date of last daily report" field.

Tip: The daily report can also be processed via the daily check/closing. In this way, daily reporting, reporting to the bursar's office and closing of payment systems and cash registers can be completed with a single click.

Report periods in advance and correct the past

It is also possible to report longer periods in advance (e.g. for company vacations). For this purpose, the day before the reopening must be entered in the "Daily report date" field. This will transfer the entire period between the two dates (last daily report and daily report date).

When transferring longer periods, it is not possible to change the number of "occupied rooms".

If this transmission fails, the last successful reporting date is automatically stored in the "Date of last daily report" field and the transmission is aborted. If necessary, incorrect data can be corrected and the transmission can be restarted from the last successfully transmitted day.

Possible corrections can also be made to already past reports of several days (only limited possible and transferable). The transfer always takes place from the "date of the last daily message" to the "daily message date".

Company vacations: In order to be able to complete the stay charge for closed periods or company vacations, the closed period must be entered under Hotel/preferences/company vacations. In addition, no arrivals or departures may take place during the relevant period. The period must then be transferred via the daily report and the stay charge confirmed.

Confirm residence tax

The daily report replaces the monthly report, nevertheless the residence tax must be confirmed monthly. This is done under Hotel/Periodic activities/TV stay tax with the button "Confirm stay tax".

Clicking on the button "Confirm residence tax" opens the following dialog.

An automatic check is then carried out to ensure that the residence tax in ASA matches the calculated tax in the LTS portal and that all relevant data is available for the previous month. If there are any differences or errors, a corresponding dialog opens.

Once the month has been successfully completed, a browser window opens with the pagoPA payment request in PDF format. The document is also stored in the ASA DMS documents.

ATTENTION: If the same guest registration account (Portale Allogiati) and the same numbering is used for several TV establishments, the data of all establishments concerned must be transmitted before the stay tax is completed. Otherwise there may be differences in the number of overnight stays between ASA and LTS.