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Performance Report

Every pilot needs reliable instruments in the cockpit that show how fast and how high the aircraft is flying, in which direction it is heading, how much fuel is left in the tank and much more. This is the only way to reach the destination airport safely. In the same way, hotel management also needs key figures and reports.

They are designed to illustrate hotel operations in a simple way and help successfully manage operations and drive business goals. A variety of pickup and pickdown analyses are available in ASA HOTEL . Another tip to keep an overview is the Performance Report, which is automatically sent to the hotel management by mail on a daily basis. With this report, decision-makers can keep track of the hotel's booking and revenue situation as well as its key performance indicators.

What is pickup and pickdown?

Pickup is a key figure that has become increasingly important for the hotel industry in recent years. This key figure shows the future booking development of a defined period and provides answers to the following questions, for example:

How many new reservations were generated in the last two weeks and what revenue can be expected from these reservations? When are the most reservations made for a defined period?

The pickup can therefore be used to identify whether a particular period was very strong or weak in terms of bookings and whether certain marketing measures resulted in new reservations.

The pickdown is a key figure that reflects cancellation behavior. For example, the pickdown in the hotel industry was higher in February 2021 due to cancelations during the coronavirus pandemic.

To create your own individual report for your hotel, it only takes a few clicks in ASA HOTEL . Simply activate the pickup under the sales or overnight stays evaluations and enter the desired period.

Examples of pickup/down and how to proceed in ASA HOTEL can be found in the document HERE.

The Performance Report

The Performance Report was developed to show hotel management the booking and turnover situation, including a comparison with the previous year, by e-mail on a daily basis. A mail with the performance report attached is automatically sent to the address entered. However, it is also possible to generate the report manually under Evaluations/Sales Analyses/Performance Report. Simply enter a date (e.g. today), activate the comparison with the previous year and generate the report. Since this report dynamically combines a large number of data sources, the generation can take a few seconds/minutes.

The following areas are displayed in the report:

  • Occupancy data (of the previous day, current day, next day and the day after next)
  • Booking development (pickup and utilization key figures with comparison to previous year - day, month, year)
  • Key sales figures (with comparison to previous year - day, month, year)
  • New performance comparisons

You can find an example of a performance report HERE.

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