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Fast, secure, digital

Especially in times of staff shortages, it is important to make the check-in process in hotels as quick and efficient as possible. We have developed a tablet tool that allows guests to check in in just a few seconds.

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important for hotel businesses. Corona has once again driven this development forward. Above all, the check-in process should be quick so that guests do not have to spend a long time at the reception desk.

How does the Check-in Manager work?

When a new hotel guest arrives who has not pre-checked in online, the receptionist records the personal data using a tablet - no longer manually, but conveniently using an ID card scan. To do this, the Check-in Manager is opened, the reservation is selected, and the relevant ID is scanned using the camera. The existing ID data, such as name, date of birth, document number, etc., is scanned in less than five seconds and automatically fed into the guest file.

What are the advantages of the tool?

While errors can occur when manually typing in data, especially longer combinations of numbers, the Check-in Manager correctly reads in the key figures. Even people without reception experience can easily record guest data with the Check-in Manager and process a quick and professional check-in. As soon as the guest file has been filled in, the tablet can be used directly to obtain the guest's data protection declaration and sign the digital registration form. Hoteliers appreciate the fact that guests can sign not only at the reception desk, but also at the bar or in the lounge area.

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The digitization of hotel operations is by no means intended to replace personal contact - the software speeds up those processes that have to work quickly for the hotel guest anyway: The faster formalities are completed, the sooner guests can enjoy their stay. Now is the right time to test new tools and thereby gradually digitize everyday hotel life.