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Guest message transmission

UPDATE 25.01.2022

With the new ASA HOTEL version 21.02 the new interface to the Alloggiati Web is available. With this, the automatic transmission of the electronic guest message can be activated again. For this purpose, an access token must be stored in the Internet portal account in addition to the existing user and password. The access token can be generated in the Alloggiati Web portal after logging in via certificate or "Codici" by clicking on the top right of the own user under "Chiave Web Service" (see "Manuale Utente" S. 28). The key name is not required.
The version can be installed manually by the ASA expert. The auto-update will be released shortly, which will automatically provide you with the version.
To set up the Internet portal account, contact your ASA expert.


Since yesterday the Alloggiati Web of the Polizia di Stato has been changed without notice, the automatic guest report does not work at the moment. In order to be able to carry out guest reports nevertheless, it is necessary to resort to the transmission by uploading the file generated from ASA HOTEL as before. Since in the future a new interface via web service will be available from the Polizia di Stato, the automatic transmission will be available again shortly. We will keep you informed.

To do this, the following change must be made, have your access data ready. Click on the individual images to enlarge the image. The site has connection problems every now and then, which can delay the setup. You are also welcome to contact your ASA expert.