ASA HOTEL for strategic analyses

All your data at a glance

A hotel management software is designed to collect information from the various hotel departments in order to streamline daily tasks through smart data models and optimised processes. The real challenge lies in interpreting and exploiting the data so accurately that management can rely on them to make well-founded decisions.

ASA HOTEL offers two different options for data processing:

  • Spreadsheet forms, to allow for digital data processing (e.g. in Excel)
  • Reports that process data from different spreadsheets to calculate key figures and display data graphically.

Manager Report

The Manager Report compares daily-updated sales figures with previous year’s and current-month- and year figures. As a result, you get a comprehensive analysis of all your hotel’s key figures: TRevPOR, TRevPAR, RevPAR, ARR, Occupation Rate, Turnover etc. – all compared to previous year’s data.


Data are processed for (industry-wide) comparison purposes, based on daily turnover data including but not limited to the following information:

  • Turnover by accommodation arrangement
  • Turnover by guest group
  • Occupancy by accommodation arrangement
  • Occupancy by guest group

The weekly and monthly occupancy rate compared to previous year’s data shows to what extent your hotel has reached its occupancy targets.

The Booking Forecast feature helps hotel management in making future-oriented decisions in terms of pricing policy. The system also allows you to transmit raw data to external benchmarking systems.