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Discover the new ASA HOTEL and shape the future of the hotel industry with us.

Everything is possible, nothing is mandatory

From now on, ASA HOTEL is accessible via the Internet from any location and on any device, without the hassle of changing software or the risk of losing data. This step is not only a technological milestone in ASA's history, but also an expansion of your possibilities and a simplification of your work processes.

We give you full control. You can opt for the proven local installation or choose the cloud-based variant. Best of all, everything you love about ASA HOTEL remains intact. Your data, functions and programs are still available, no matter which option you choose.

‍Revisedfunctions, tailored to your needs

Regardless of your choice, you can rely on the proven performance and stability of ASA HOTEL . Our new software version offers numerous improvements that make hotel operations run more smoothly. It makes it easier to train new employees, provides better overviews for reception and management, and optimizes your daily operations.

Innovative reference fields simplify data entry. The integration of ASA Webmail enables professional communication with your guests. And our revised room plan offers an improved overview and many new functions that can be accessed from various devices.

At ASA, we understand that you want to evolve to meet the increasing expectations of your guests. ASA HOTEL remains your loyal companion on this journey. We promise to continue to bring you new features and functionality to make your job easier.

Further information on the new web upgrade can be found on our web upgrade page.

The new ASA HOTEL marks a milestone in our history. We want to give you the tools to delight your guests while staying at the forefront of innovation. To the web upgrade page